What is a discount coupon code and at what stage of the purchase should I use it

What is a coupon code? The code is a Choices promo code (another name is a voucher). By entering the coupon code, the buyer automatically receives a discount on the order. With the help of coupons, companies conduct various promotions. The duration of the discount is usually limited. Also, the validity of the coupon may be limited to individual products. In other words, it will only be valid for certain products and for a certain period of time. In some cases, online stores may prepare discount coupons in advance, even before the official start of the promotion.

Choices promo code are not cumulative, so you should choose the most advantageous option for a particular order. Having a useful code with you, you can buy products on a particular site at a very attractive price. To do this, you just need to enter the secret cipher in a special field or dictate it to the sales assistant by phone. The code must be entered already at the stage of payment for the goods, that is, after pressing the “Buy” button in the online shopping cart, on the checkout page.